New Acrobat Reader Repair Tool

New Acrobat Reader Repair Tool. PDF Repair Toolbox (Download) is a a new Adobe Acrobat file repair tool that allows users to fix PDF files which are inaccessible from Adobe's file recovery. A common error message from Adobie is that Acrobat PDF file format is having difficulties, the file is damaged and could not be repaired by normal means.

  • Advanced algorithms to help recognize important data;
  • Reliable methods to ensure all data is recovered;
  • Output to PDF files which can be either compressed or uncompressed;
  • Fixes for many common logical errors;
  • Support for all revisions of the PDF format.

Adobe Acrobat Repair Tool

When users find themselves asking Does Adobe Acrobat Repair pdf files to their fullest extent?, it is time to use PDF Repair Toolbox.

PDF Repair Toolbox is not require donate. The Acrobat PDF repair tool do not use GPL, MPL and opensource
  • Our software do not recover password protected PDF files;
  • Our tool do not repair encrypted PDF files.